Congratulations! You are now a member of the Order of the Phoenix. Help Harry, Ron, and Hermione to defeat Voldemort by finding the seven Horcruxes hidden around Everett. Each week the library will provide hints to the location of a Horcrux for you to decipher. When you find a Horcrux it will have a code written on it, record this code on your game card. Once you have found them all submit the card with your name and phone number for a chance to win an amazing Harry Potter prize!

Please be courteous and respectful when hunting for Horcruxes, there is no need to move or damage anything at a location in order to find a Horcrux.

Prizes will be drawn on Halloween.

Happy hunting!

Click here to get your Horcrux Game Card – Game cards are also available at the library.

Hint #1

Hard: B Riddle

Easy: My life is hidden in stacks between the lives of others

Hint #2

Hard: Hidden in a place with a red top I sit upon hundreds of thousands

Easy: Put on your Sundae best

Hint #3

Hard: I can be found on the ground chained to my name