• Helen Sipes Young Adult Den

Welcome to the young adult area at the Everett Free Library. You will find information about our young adult services along with links to a number of educational and recreational websites. In this area you will find fiction and non-fiction collections, magazines, classics, graphic novels, audio books and more.  Free Wi-Fi is available at the library. Enjoy comfortable seating areas and computers just for you.

  • Volunteer Hours Available

Students working to fulfill community service requirements for their school give valuable assistance to their local libraries. Students are responsible for checking with their school to verify that their hours will qualify. If you are completing Service Learning Hours for educational purposes it is your responsibility to make sure that your guidance counselor or school representative has approved your volunteer assignment. It is also your responsibility to make sure that all paperwork involved is properly tracked, signed and turned in.


The library also actively recruits volunteers to help with many other varied activities such as the summer reading program, landscaping, story time, STEM activities and more. Come talk to Amber or Alex about volunteering your time to help your community.