Meeting Room Policy


The Library has one designated meeting room located in the front of the building. The dimensions are:  19.10’ x 15’.  The room is not able to be fully closed off from the main library ( doors do not lock, public may still be permitted to pass through). Tables, chairs, and podium may be used and rearranged as needed. (see rental policy for other items available)

This space is available for groups to use on a first come, first served basis.  Non-profit organizations and individuals (who are not making a sales presentation) who agree that the meeting will be open to the general public there is no cost to use the room. Groups or individuals wishing to make a sales presentation will be charged a fee of $25 for the use of the room. The meeting room is only available during regular library hours. If a meeting or event runs beyond that time the group or individual will be charged a fine of $10 per hour to cover staffing costs.

Groups or individuals using the space are responsible for set up, advertising, and cleaning up afterwards. If the space or library equipment is dirty or damaged you will be charged up to the full replacement cost of any damaged items, and a cleaning fee of $25.

Fees are payable on the date of the event.

All groups or individuals must comply with the library’s code of conduct and patron behavior policy at all times. Groups whose meetings will be disruptive to library patrons or the library staff in the performance of their duties will be refused use of the meeting room. Groups or individuals who have been disruptive or caused property damage in the past may be turned away in the future.

Library events and programming take precedence for use of the space. Staff must check to ensure there are no library reservations before booking the room. Community events in which a library staff member is a participant will be treated as library events in regards to booking.

A contact person, along with the organization name/purpose with phone number is required when making the reservation. Groups or individuals wishing to use the space must also sign a copy of the meeting room policy prior to their reservation.

Ideally, reservations will be received a month in advance of the event.  Reservations should indicate start and finish times.

Approved January 25, 2021